Easy & Affordable Ways to Bring Nature into Your Beauty Routine

Hello my fellow beauty enthusiasts! So nice to be able to join you guys on Arielle's blog today. My name is Carter and while I don't have a blog, I do have a brand spankin' new YouTube channel  where I make inner & outer beauty videos. I am highly intrigued and inspired by Arielle's switch to an all natural beauty routine which is why I decided to post about several "clean" products we can use for our beautification. 

Click here to watch the video.

Don't have time for the video? Here's a breakdown of everything mentioned:

1. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: Make sure to get one with "the mother" (aka the weird, floating brown substance at the bottom of the bottle). The acidic nature makes it great for use as a toner, just make sure you dilute it an appropriate amount for your skin type. You can also use it as conditioner, to help with sunburn, as an odor neutralizer (potentially deo for the b.o? The vinegar-y smell is supposed to dissipate once dry). You can find more info about ACV right here.
2. Purified Water: Need I say more? Help hydrate your skin, rid your body of impurities, and FEEL better by getting plenty every day, especially while it's warm out. Another tip: warmer water opens the pores and cooler water closes them. Take advantage of that by starting with warm water when you cleanse and finishing with cool.
3. Lemons: They're refreshing, they're cleansing, super affordable, and good for you from the inside out. I don't know what more we could ask for! I mentioned in the video using organic sugar to create a scrub for the lips and face--incredibly easy, quick, and lets be honest, tasty! You can also drink lemon water--find more about the benefits of doing so here.
4. Coconut Oil: Again, another product that's great for you from the inside out! This is a healthy fat to cook with and it also has a multitude of beauty benefits: a moisturizer, makeup remover, hair treatment, and a plethora of other useful things (like making scrubs).
5. Aloe Vera: Since this is a plant, it is the gift that keeps giving...IF you can keep it alive. After doing all this research, I'm most excited about aloe. I MUST have some immediately. This is known to reduce inflammation and soothe; it's great for skin that's just been treated to a waxing or a shave. Aloe can also be used as a moisturizer and an acne treatment. It has salicylic acid which helps with cell turnover (move out dead cells!).
I forgot to mention number 6 in the video, but it's cornstarch! If you are highly committed to going 100% natural, make sure you get the one labeled "non-GMO". It's a pretty decent dry shampoo (I even manage to get a little volume). I like to toss it through my hair before bed so it absorbs excess oil throughout the night and some of the white tint fades, too. If you have darker hair, check out this really smart tip from Arielle for avoiding looking gray.

As promised, here's is a list of more natural items for creating your own beauty concoctions: 

And here is a link to my Organic Skin Care Recipes board on Pinterest, so you can start making your completely safe, healthy & clean beauty products today. HAVE FUN, beauty alchemists! And definitely post crazy-mask-face-selfies on Instagram!



Softlips Cube 5-in-1 Lip Care

affiliate link // guest post

I’m obsessed with lip balm!  So when I first came across this Softlips Cube 5-in-1 Lip Care, I knew I had to have it!  This beauty is not only stylishly housed in a sleek, patent pending glass-like cube, but it is super functional.  It is uniquely formulated with lip perfecting technology to blend 5 lip loving benefits in one tiny cube! A few swipes of this lip balm and your lips will feel soft and hydrated as it’s formulated with shea butter.  They will be replenished with antioxidants and vitamins A, C & E to soothe and repair damaged skin.  Your lips will also be protected against the sun’s harmful rays as this beauty contains SPF 15.  Lastly, this little balm will add light-weight shine for a radiant finish! What more could you possibly ask for?!  Seriously, at under $3.50 a pop, you’ve got yourself a new BFF (best balm forever)!

Softlips Cube 5-in-1 Lip Care

Softlips Cube 5-in-1 Lip Care

Thank you Arielle for having me guest post today.  I love your blog and I’m honored to be here sharing one of my current favorite balms with your gorgeous readers!

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Natural Beauty Blogs I'm Loving Right Now

While I'm resting on the beach in the Caribbean, I thought I would do some blog love this week. Today, I'm bringing you a selection of the natural blogs I read.

Logical Harmony is a cruelty free and vegan beauty blog written by Tashina. Her blog is a fantastic resource for anyone who is wanting to go cruelty free as she investigates brands throughly. She also features clean products on her blog in addition to vegan recipes.

No More Dirty Looks is from the same authors who brought you the book by the same name. They feature clean products only. I love their exposed posts where other people share the products they have been loving. The blog has given me some great product suggestions!

The Glamorganic Goddess has a beautiful story about her transition to a clean lifestyle. The blog is written by Danielle, who is a breast cancer survivor. She shares her best finds in the eco-friendly beauty world on her blog.

Well Beauty Blog is written by Cori who is a RD trying to live in a world of organic beauty. She shares her favorite beauty picks as well as eco-living tips.

Who are your favorite clean beauty bloggers?

xo, arielle


What Are These EWG & GoodGuide Ratings You Keep Talking About?

Since I began blogging about natural products, you may have seen me refer to EWG and GoodGuide ratings. I talked about them a little in my guide to natural products post but I thought it would be better to do a full explanation for y'all.

When I refer to "ratings" I'm talking about how toxic a product is to your health. Currently, I use EWG's Skin Deep and GoodGuide's databases to determine if a product is "safe."

I research every single product I purchase through these websites. I have been surprised by how some products rate well or not so well. I no longer trust a company's claims or labels. I always look up the ratings before I make a decision about how safe a product is for me. I encourage you to look up some of the products in your bathroom. You may be shocked about what you find.

EWG Skin Deep is put out by the Environmental Working Group. They have rated thousands of products and ingredients to provide consumers with safety ratings. They have rated their products based on current research on ingredients. You can search by ingredients, brand, product name or use their app to scan a barcode. EWG only rates beauty products. If you would like more in depth information about them, please refer to this page.

EWG gives a rating of 0-2 (low hazard), 3-6 (moderate hazard) or 7-10 (high hazard). 

I prefer to only purchase products with a rating of 0-2. Sometimes I will buy ones in the 3-6 range but I will never purchase in the 7-10 range. A rating of 4 is as high as I'm comfortable with.

GoodGuide rates products on several factors including health, environment and social factors. They rate household, food and beauty products. Their goal is to give consumers information on the most healthy, environmentally friendly and socially responsible products. They have a team of scientists evaluating products delivering the ratings. GoodGuide also has an app. Here is GoodGuide's info video for more in depth information.

Their rating scale is quite different from EWG. They rate from 0-10, with each having a different meaning. They give a product an average rating based on the three areas (health, environment and social). Their ratings are as follows: 0 (worst), 1 (very poor), 2 (poor), 3 (significantly below average), 4 (below average), 5 (average), 6 (above average), 7 (significantly above average), 8 (good), 9 (very good) and 10 (best). 

I only look at GoodGuide's health ratings when considering products. I prefer products with a health rating of 7-10. The lowest I am comfortable with is a 5.

I have found that you're more likely to find the product by putting the brand, then a description of the product into either of their sites/app. For example, if I write out Giovanni hairspray instead of Giovanni L.A. Hold Hair Spritz, I will get a result. I always whip out the app when I'm purchasing products in store. With EWG, you can look up each ingredient listed (which I often do).

I took some screenshots of a few products to give you an idea at how this looks. I was in store trying to find a pomade. In this search, I looked at American Crew Molding Clay v Sebastian Craft Clay:

Listings go EWG then GoodGuide

Sometimes, EWG and GoodGuide don't match up. When I doubt, I scroll through EWG's ingredients to see how each one rated individually. Then, I make my decision. 

Essentially, both of these websites are giving consumers the ability to look up how toxic or not toxic the ingredients in products are. I think these are powerful tools for anyone who is concerned about the products they are purchasing.

As a side note, I have had some people ask where I am finding EWG or GoodGuide safe products. My best resource has been drugstore.com. I shop at Target and Ulta, too. In those cases, I use the apps and scan barcodes. 

xo, arielle


Does this Pin Actually Work: Heatless Curls with a Headband

Welcome back to Does this pin actually work! This time, I'm testing heatless curls.

I'm sure you all have seen hundreds of pins about heatless curls. The one I see most often is about using a soft headband to curl your hair while you sleep. 

Basically, you put the band around your head and wrap it in sections around the headband. Here is a fantastic step by step tutorial from The Makeup Chair on the process. 

This is one of those pins that I say works but with some reservations. Unfortunately, the only photo I have of the process is from an old YouTube video (of course I deleted the original!!):

I have tried this method lots of different ways, with different hair lengths and products. 

The best results were last summer when I had medium length hair with a blunt cut. I would spritz some dry shampoo in my hair before bed then add a little bit of serum to the ends. I would then put the headband on and do the method. When I woke up, I had beautiful curls.

As my hair got longer and longer, it worked less and less. I also noticed if I went to bed with a wet head and used this method, it didn't work so well either. When I got layers cut into my hair, it stopped looking as good.

So, in my experience this works but on dry hair that is medium in length with long to no layers.

Have heatless curls worked for you?

xo, arielle
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