Free Class: Intro to Meditation

Hello dear friends!

I'm sure you have heard by now that meditation is awesome for you. Mindfulness meditation has become all the rage these days. Unfortunately, its something that's not super easy to do. I think a lot of us quit because we can't "shut off" our mind and feel like something is wrong with us.

I meditate on a daily basis and it has been my key to calm and letting go. When I first started, though, I was so frustrated. I always thought I was doing it wrong. I soon learned you have to do what works for YOU. Just because an article or guru says do it this way, doesn't mean you have to!

I created a free 7-day Intro to Meditation Course that has a new easy technique each day to get you started with meditation. This quick and easy tools are a great way to get you into gear.

I hope this class resonates with you and helps you on your path! Join the class here.

xo, arielle


How to Love Your Body with this Easy Tip

In this video I talk about how to increase your body acceptance and body love through movement.

xo, arielle


It's time to heal your mind

In 2011, I was listening to Cosmo Radio and the hosts were discussing the book Sprit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein. I looked it up, thought that sounds interesting, and gave it no further attention. But then, it kept showing up in my life over and over. Have you ever had that happen? People keep mentioning the same thing to you or you keep hearing it on TV, radio or in articles. It's like the universe is saying "hey! this thing is for you!"

I finally picked it up and reading it totally changed my perspective on everything. I then began devouring metaphysical book after metaphysical book. Each one referenced A Course in Miracles. Then I heard Oprah talking about it and damn, even my mom mentioned it. I thought, ok ok it's time to read this thing.

Little did I know ACIM and the books surrounding it would have such a positive impact on my life, my belief system and my mind.

This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. In-1:1-2

ACIM is a spiritually based book but it is also a training of the mind. A training of your mind to seek past judgment and return to love. We're not talking romantic love but the love for humanity and the world. A place of seeing things for what they really are than what we have judged them to be. To stop the madness.

Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. T-1.I.3:3

ACIM has taught me to be more free, loving, kind, happier and has improved my abilities as a therapist. Most importantly, though, the course has taught me how to forgive. I have been able to forgive myself, the pains of my past, my family, my ex-husband. Without this forgiveness, I would be stuck in the hell of my own mind. Everyday is a new chance to practice forgiveness and this is the lesson I am most grateful for.

The book is split into a text and workbook. The workbook is 365 days of lessons to help train the mind to turn towards love. I just finished the workbook for the second time yesterday. I'm beginning it again today. It is, in my opinion, the best place to start when jumping into the course.

The first time I went through it, I used the app but this last time I had them emailed to me daily. This time, I bought Marianne Williamson's audio workbook.

The beautiful thing about ACIM is there are tons of free resources to get you started. The entire text is online here. You can also access the workbook with audio here. I also found this beautiful soul's videos of the lessons. Of course, you can also buy the text.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, it's January 1st and the perfect time to start the workbook fresh. You can start it any time of the year but why not start now? Why not heal your mind in 2016? Why not attract miracles to your life? Why not live your best life?

Why not start now?

xo, arielle


2015 Clearing Meditation

I have been meditating for roughly four years. It's not something that came naturally and there have been times I thought it was totally bizarre. Now that I have adopted a practice, it has become a staple in my life. 

Meditation has helped me overcome major obstacles in my life as well as manifest my deepest desires.

With 2015 coming to a close, different emotions can be looming. I know this has been true for me. While I have had some of the most beautiful moments of my life, I have also experienced some of the darkest this year.

I used this meditation to help me release my 2015 baggage. I wanted to share it with you as my hope is it eases your heart as you enter into 2016. 

May you be blessed with all of your desires in the New Year!
xo, arielle