Happiness is Morning Walks on the Beach

I am learning what happiness means to me. Over the weekend, I took a trip to Myrtle Beach and felt the happiness of morning walks on the beach.

Each morning, I rose early and spent time leisurely strolling the beach. I soaked in the sights, sounds and the rising sun. I was surprised at the number of people out that early. I was thrilled to see their smiling faces and the enjoyment they were getting out of their own treks.

I was also able to take in the energy from the crashing ocean waves, meditate and do some yoga. The overwhelming washing over of love I felt in these moments was my bliss on this trip.

Happiness was also spending time with my lovely friends. Both of whom mean the world to me.

xo, arielle



This weekend was all about me and my inner guide.

I decided to take a road trip and simply listen to my spirit on where to go and it was fucking amazing.

All week, I had this yearning to visit the Spillway. It's this badass waterfall near where I went to college. It has been a place of peace, serenity and renewing for me for many years. When I arrived, it was breathtaking.

Since it was a little flooded, the waters were rushing and misty. The entire time I was there I felt surrounded by love and peace. I did some meditating and listened to what spirit had to say then I cleansed my hands in the water. I released some heavy junk there! I instantly felt refreshed and renewed. My soul needed that badly.


I then stopped by a local winery, had some lunch and sipped on my favorite wine. I meandered my way to Garden of the Gods, which I had been dying to see for many years.

It was absolutely magnificent. As I was mediating upon the rock formations, a hawk soared right above me and I could hear the whoosh of its wings. Such beauty and power.

Along the way, I saw a tiny rainbow. Rainbows are my sign that I'm on the right path (I saw 3 rainbows this trip).

In the morning, I headed to Turkey Run.

Something in me that morning told me I should go back to my hometown. So after Turkey run, I hit the road again and headed up there. I had not been since Thanksgiving. I'm so damn happy I went. I got some time in with my mom, the Mississippi river and reconnected with some people who are very near and dear to my heart.


The purpose of this trip was to reconnect with myself and release some old stuff. I sure did. I have been working on self love and cultivating relationships. This trip was precisely what I needed to do both. I feel content, connected and in love with life.

On my way home today, I did a little relationship ceremony and when I came out of the woods, I felt the warmth of the sun. I put my hands up to receive and looked towards the heavens. When I did, the sun was encapsulated by a rainbow. I know for sure I'm on the right path.

What have you done to feed your spirit lately?

xo, arielle


You Learn By Living

On my birthday last year, I made a commitment to myself to start living. This was prompted by the book My Year with Eleanor and You Learn by Living.

In this time, I have accomplished things I never dreamed of. I went skydiving, ran my first 5K, went to Mardi Gras and began taking care of myself better than I ever have. My mantra has been,

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do."-Eleanor Roosevelt 

The quote has meant so much to me, I recently had it tattooed:

A photo posted by Arielle (@beautybyarielle) on

Each time I have been struck with fear or thought I can't do this, I repeat this quote to myself over and over. This has lead me to living in a place where I am happier than I believe I have ever been.

Through my living, I have learned a great deal about myself, realized what's important to me and have taken serious ownership over my life. The experiences I threw myself into, gave me gifts far beyond what I could have imagined. This was mostly because I have chosen to be present in my life and show up for myself.

During this time, I gained the strength to move on from a relationship that had not been serving me for quite some time. Yup, I got a divorce. It is part of the reason I have slowed down my posting over the past six months.

The other reason I have slowed down is because I have been out among the world living my life. While I love writing this blog, I had felt an obligation to "keep up" so to speak. I was getting overwhelmed, found myself comparing to others and just genuinely not happy with the experience anymore. About 3 months ago, I decided to blog when I felt like it and to allow it to flow how it would. 

If you want to keep up with me, I am on Instagram, Twitter and snapchat (arielle217). Some of you I know we have communicated quite a bit, so feel free to shoot me a message on my personal Facebook, if you want to be friends.

I hope you all examine your life and go out there and live, too. It's an amazing experience.

xo, arielle


100% Pure Vanilla Bean Body Wash and Lotion Review

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Let's talk about body care for a moment. For me, having soft supple skin is really important. I'm not sure how or why it's been this way but I have always found a need to use a nourishing body wash and lotion to achieve this. If not, I'm scale city. 

Last May, I picked up 100% Pure's Vanilla Bean Hydrating Body Wash and Body Cream. My Ulta was running a BOGO sale, so that's why I picked them up. Otherwise, they're $16+ a pop, which is way outside of my budget.

100% Pure is a company that derives their products from natural ingredients. The tout that their products are free of toxic ingredients. They are a cruelty free company. The products are available online or at Ulta. 

100% Pure Vanilla Bean

100% Pure Vanilla Bean

The body wash is still in my shower and has yet to be completely used up (I have a few more pumps left). I'm on 10 months with it! This was a huge surprise to me because body washes typically see 3-4 months in my shower. This wash pumps out into a foam. I need about 2-3 pumps to cover my whole body. The scent is a light vanilla and smells quite a bit like ice cream. It dissipates rather quickly, though. I don't find it particularly hydrating. It's a very average body wash. Due to cost and it not being a holy grail, it's not something I'm picking up again. The body wash is $16 for 17 ounces.

100% Pure Vanilla Bean

100% Pure Vanilla Bean

The lotion, on the other hand, lasted me only through summer. I had such mixed feelings about it. There were days I loved it and days I loathed it. When my skin was very thirsty, it absorbed this so quickly I couldn't spread it around. Therefore, I would have to use a ton of product. When my skin was fine, I had no issues. Either way, I did not find this moisturizing enough. For summer weather, it worked but I feel in the winter I would have been scaly. The scent is the same as the wash and doesn't linger on the skin. I chose not to purchase another bottle. The lotion is $17 for 8 ounces.

Overall, I really love 100% Pure's philosophy and ingredients. These are very safe products to use for those who prefer a more natural lifestyle. I won't be purchasing them again due to the fact that I can find products that are just as good for less money. If you happen to run into a BOGO sale on their products, I recommend giving them a shot at least.

xo, arielle

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Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Perfume

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I know I haven't been updating at all lately. I have a lot going on in my personal life that has prevented me from doing so. I'm going to try to post when possible, so know that I haven't forgotten about BBA!

When I switched to natural products, I knew that perfumes were one of the most chemical laden product out there. I was shopping at Ulta and the only thing I could find that was remotely close to being clean was the Pacifica Roll-On Perfumes. I took a sniff of the available scents and went with Indian Coconut Nectar.

Pacifica Perfume

Pacifica's roll-on perfume comes in 14 scents. I picked this one up for $12. The full size are $22 and there are 18 scents. 

Pacifica touts that these are 100% vegan and cruelty free as well as paraben, phthalate and propylene glycol free. EWG rates this as a 4 (moderate hazard).

Pacifica Perfume

I chose Indian Coconut Nectar because I prefer spicy scents. Of what was a available, this one had the least floral or sweetness to it. There are times I have caught this smelling a little like cotton candy, though. For the most part, it's light but a little sultry. I plan to pick up the Island Vanilla next (I absolutely love it!!) but it's been out of stock every time I'm at Ulta.

Pacifica Perfume

I have been happy with the roller-ball application, too. It makes it very simple plus, it's been very easy to travel with. I have been using it since June and still have at least half of the product left. It's not the longest lasting perfume I have ever used, though. 

What is your favorite natural perfume?

xo, arielle

Affiliate links are in this post. If you click on an affiliate link and/or make a purchase I receive monetary compensation.