My 2 NPC Bikini Competitions

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If you've been following me on Instagram, you know I spent the summer prepping for two NPC Bikini competitions. Both videos are now live on my YouTube.

xo, arielle

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Peak Week Beauty

In this video I discuss the budget beauty regimen I took for my first NPC Bikini competition. I also share my body fat results. To find the specific products I used, check out this post

Also, I am blogging more regularly over at The Fit Therapist. This is where I'm offering health and wellness coaching, teaching people about nutrition and sharing my fitness journey. I hope you enjoy it!

xo, arielle


How to do Stage Makeup

I have been prepping for my first NPC Bikini show since March. In my latest video, I share how to do stage makeup! I wanted to remain budget friendly and do this myself instead of dropping $150+. If you want to know the products I used, find them here

Also, I am blogging more regularly over at The Fit Therapist. This is where I'm offering health and wellness coaching, teaching people about nutrition and sharing my fitness journey. I hope you enjoy it!

xo, arielle


New Blog!

To all of my followers, I sincerely appreciate your support over the years. This little blog grew to places I never expected and if it were not for lovely people like you reading my content, I never would have had the opportunities I did. 

I think it has been pretty obvious here and on my social media that my priorities and interests have shifted. While I still enjoy beauty products, I'm not a connoisseur anymore. 

Over the last 6 years of my life the thing that has been pretty consistent is my health and wellness lifestyle. That is why I have chosen to launch The Fit Therapist to continue to document this part of my life. I also dove into launching my own coaching business that combines by clinical counseling skills and wellness knowledge to help people lose weight. If you liked the wellness posts I had on here, please come check out the new blog!

I very sincerely appreciate all of your support in my new ventures! When I stumble upon a really awesome product or tip, I'll still be sure to share it over here. 


Meals I Prepped This Week

For the past year I have been using If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) as my "diet" plan. Meal prep each week has been the key to my success. I regularly get asked what I prep, so I thought I would start sharing some of my meals, to hopefully help others out.

I haven't been tracking my macros diligently because I eat similar things each week and kind of know where I sit. If you're getting started, tracking is absolutely a must. I use My Fitness Pal because it's free and has the most foods listed in it.

I try to keep my meal prep as simple as possible. I always buy microwave rice and steam bags of veggies. Many weeks, I buy a rotisserie chicken or some other already prepared protein. My snacks are generally pre-packaged, too. I opt for the low sugar or sugar free options whenever possible. I spend about 30-45 minutes a week on my meal prep.

Everyday I eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, after workout protein shake and dinner. For breakfast, 99% of the time I have 2 eggs and oatmeal.


1/4 cup Jasmine Rice, 1/2 cup green beans, 4 oz chicken breast tenders and a Rice Krispie for dessert

I take all of my lunches and snacks for the week to my office and put them in the mini fridge. That way they're always on hand and I don't risk forgetting my lunch one day.


blueberries, cucumber, greek yogurt, granola to top my yogurt and a bar of some sort (pictured are reduced sugar granola bars)

I consistently have greek yogurt (I'm a BIG fan of the whipped version right now) for my morning snack. I usually have a handful of fruit with or around lunch. In the afternoon, I have a veggie and before I go workout I eat a protein or granola bar. 


tacos with 90/10 ground beef, salsa, 100 cal guacamole and carb balance tortillas

For my dinner this week I prepped taco meat and plan to make 2 each night. For dessert I have some reduced fat ice cream and strawberry bars. I also keep sugar free jello around for a late night snack.

What are your go to meals?

xo, arielle