Target Beauty Box Naturals Review

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A few weeks ago, Glamorable! posted about the Target Beauty Boxes. I had never bought one myself because they were always sold out by the time I would try to. Plus, they didn't have a naturals box until recently. This time I was able to snatch one up.

Target Beauty Box

This time around they launched 3 different boxes: for her, naturals and for him. The boxes range in price from $5-10 with free shipping. I ordered the naturals box for myself for $5.

The shipping takes around 2 weeks. Unfortunately, they are now sold out but I want to show off my box and quickly review so that when these come around next time, you know what to expect.

You will see a preview of each box before ordering, so you will know exactly what's in there before. I think this helps in the decision making process of whether or not to buy.

The naturals box had 6 products that were a $25 value.

Target Beauty Box

SoapBox Argan Shampoo
Skinfix Hand Repair Cream
Burt's Bees Facial Wipes
SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Borghese Facial Scrub
Acure Organics Facial Scrub

Target Beauty Box

I was really happy with this box. All of the sample sizes were ample. I've received subscription boxes in the past where the sample was a dot on a card or a tiny bottle (either of which have no use to me). Plus, everything in it is something I will at least try. I mean, who can't use face wipes or a travel hand lotion?

My only complaint is that it was all body products. Having said that, currently Target has very little in the natural makeup department. I'm hoping they will expand ASAP. I think when they do, these boxes will include that too.

Compared to other subscription services I have tried, it's on par with my favorite (which was Ipsy) and better than all the others I tried. There are a few reasons behind this: far better prices, they have 3 different types of boxes to choose from, the size of samples is larger and you can preview the box to decide if you want it. The crappy part is they sell out very quickly. I suggest the moment you see them, bite the bullet and buy it.

When this box comes around again, I'm totally jumping on it. I wish I would have ordered a few more as stocking stuffers because they are a very good deal.

xo, arielle

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My Morning Routine...Exposed!

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Since I began my green journey, I have been following No More Dirty Looks. One of my favorite series of theirs are morning routines exposed. They ask readers and bloggers about their morning routine and which products they use. I thought it would be fun to throw in my own!

Skin type: Fair, cystic acne prone
Hair type: Fine, straight and short

I wake up daily at 5 am. I like to piddle around. Usually, I meditate, catch up on blogs then do some yoga.

I'm also a morning shower person. In the shower, you can find me using Hugo Naturals Vanilla and Sweet Orange volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Once a week I deep condition with DermOrganic Masque Intensive Hair Repair. I wash my face with Niora Alpha Clear Cleanser. I'm using Basis bar soap with 100% Pure Vanilla Bean body wash. I shave with Giovanni Moisture Shave and Preserve razors.

Once I'm out of the shower, I slather Just Natural Peppermint foot lotion and Just Natural body lotion on. I use Niora toner. Then I dab on some Red Bird Naturals Eye Opener and slap on Yes To! Carrots moisturizer. I apply a few swipes of Pacifica perfume and Bubble and Bee deodorant. I also take a daily vitamin, Fish Oil with vitamin D and Turmeric.

The makeup department gets a little dicey because I constantly change up what I'm using. There are some consistent products, though. I stick with bareMinerals Prime Time. For foundation, I'm going between 3 right now: bareMinerals, Tarte and Organic Wear. If I'm using a cream foundation, I lightly set with Tarte Amazonian Clay. I'm using (and loving) au Naturale blush and highlight. I contour with bareMinerals bronzer. I always fill in my brows with Santé and prime my lids with Korres. I just picked up this bareMinerals palette for my eyes. I also apply a bit of Alima Pure eyeliner and coat my lashes with Organic Wear mascara. I rarely use a lipstick so I just swipe on some Vault Lip Balm.

On my hair, I'm very minimal. I blow dry and usually curl. Then I spritz on some Giovanni hair spray. I get dressed and am out the door!

xo, arielle

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Niora Naturals Giveaway

Last week, I brought you a review of the Niora Naturals Alpha Clear Adult Acne Treatment+ Alpha C Serum. Since then, Niora has graciously decided to host a giveaway for my US readers! They are including the entire Acne Treatment + Alpha C system, the Silk Basic Emollient Makeup Remover and the Eye Therapy Anti-Aging Serum for this giveaway. Happy entering!

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Niora Alpha Clear Adult Acne Treatment + Alpha C Serum Review

Several months ago, I put out a plea to readers about the best natural acne system. One reader suggested Niora. I promptly googled them, liked what I saw and ordered. 

I chose the Niora Alpha Clear Adult Acne Treatment + Alpha C Serum only because I have this weird thing about using one brand only in my skincare regime. This system includes the wash, toner and moisturizer for $49.95. There’s also an option to just purchase the wash and toner for $23.95.


Niora is a Portland based company that specializes in natural acne care. They make their products cruelty free and vegan. Their products are formulated without parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphates, petrochemicals, silicones, PEGs, TEA or DEA, propylene or butylene glycols or synthetic dyes or fragrances. Their products are available online.

If you purchase the system you receive the Alpha Clear Cleanser, Exfoliant and Alpha C Serum. The acne treatments claim to clear adult acne and reduce skin conditions that cause acne. It also claims to balance oil and dry levels, minimize pores and fight aging. The serum claims to moisturize while while fight aging.

I’m not going to break down each product for the review, as I find it impossible to tell what is doing what. I will say that I did not think the serum was worth spending the extra $26 on, so I will only be ordering the wash and toner next time.  In this case, I think a basic moisturizer from the brand of your choosing will suffice. 

How I use Niora: Twice daily, once in the AM and PM. In the AM I use the wash and let it set on my skin while I shave (I do this with all cleansers). I then spray on the toner, allow it to dry and apply a moisturizer. In the PM, I use the cleanser with my Clarisonic, apply the toner then a serum.

As for the acne products, I have had mixed but good results. Some months my skin has been absolutely banging. Seriously, no cystic acne. Others, not so much. I’m cannot completely pinpoint what has casused the inconsistencies. Some of it could be medication (coming off the pill) so that’s why I’m not going to completely fault Niora. I think I’m experiencing something internal that a topical solution can’t totally fix. Having said that, when Niora works, it works well. I certainly plan to repurchase and continue using. My face only exploded with cystic acne twice over the past several months of use, so I feel that is an improvement. 

There is one negative I would like to remark on (that’s a bit nitpicky) which is the packaging on the toner and serum. The toner comes in a spray but I have to spray 5+ times to get it cover my face. When I transferred it to a misting bottle, it coated my skin within a pump or two. As for the serum, the packaging pushes the product up (kind of like a push pop) causing it to become too top heavy. It fell off my shelf more times than I could count.  

I plan on repurchasing once I run out of the wash and toner, as I am having some good months with Niora. Their website has a lot of great reviews, too. I’m also a big fan of what they leave out of their ingredients.

xo, arielle 


L'eggs for the Holidays

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The holidays always seem to be a time to dress up. I love to wear dresses and skirts during this time but unfortunately, it gets a bit too chilly. One way I solve this problem, is using tights.

I know, tights were what our moms made us wear when we were six. They would bunch and were uncomfortable but I'm telling you these things have come a long way. L'eggs makes some of my favorite tights to wear under dresses. They also launched tights that convert into leggings, which I find amazing!

L'eggs Convert-a-tight

I created 3 holiday looks using the L'eggs Convert-a-tight. They're really easy to add to your holiday ensembles or to convert into leggings to pair with your ugly Christmas sweater.

What is your favorite accessory for the holidays?

xo, arielle

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