NOTD OPI Black Shatter & Samoan Sand

Hi beauties!

Today's NOTD is using two OPI colors-Black Shatter and Samoan Sand!

I love how Shatter looks with light colors. I really think the color you use under Shatter has a huge affect on the overall appeal. I have tried it with reds, purples, pinks, etc but this is still my favorite way to wear it.

OPI's Samoan Sand is also my favorite neutral color to wear. It's very subtle. I think it looks classy no matter what. I actually wear it quite a bit because in professional settings I cannot sport a loud nail. I think a neutral nail polish is a necessity in every collection. 

I bought Black Shatter soon after it debuted and I've always loved it. I thought it was extremely creative when they came out with it and now Sally Hansen has jumped on board (I have not tried their version). I love that it never looks the same and it is very unique. However, there are things I really do not like about Shatter. Since I've had my bottle it has started building up near the top, drying out and flaking. Another issue is you have to be careful about how much product you use on the nail. If you use too much it doesn't "shatter" and if you use too little it looks strange. It's kind of hard to find that happy medium. Also, as soon as you put it on there is ZERO shine. I put a topcoat when I wear it so my nail isn't matte. But really overall I love how the product looks...it just has some downfalls.

What are your thoughts on Shatter or even the Sally Hansen version? Are there any differences?