Make Your Pinterest Style Board Come Alive part 2

Hello lovelies!

In part 1 of Make Your Pinterest Style Board Come Alive I discussed looking at your inspiration and figuring out what pieces you have in your own closet to recreate the look. Now I want to discuss what pins you're actually pinning.

Here are some snapshots of my style board:

Take a look at your board too and start asking yourself:

Is there any pattern to what I'm pinning?
For me, I noticed I pinned a neutral palette of layered outfits.

Are there types of outfits I am seeing over and over?
Structured jackets, jeans, boots, sweaters and scarves.

Do I have these kinds of pieces in my own closet?
Not enough-I pinned several structured jackets and I do not own many myself. I also pinned some ruffled shirts and structured dresses that I do not have in my closet either. I do have some elements but if these are the styles I know I like then I need to fill my closet with those types of garments.

How can I make this style board part of my own closet?
Fill it with the pieces I'm missing.

You don't need to go out and buy copies but you can find items that have the same elements. For me I need purchase more:
  1. structured jackets
  2. structured dresses
  3. ruffled blouses
I took a look at Kristen of Glitter, Gloss, and Glaze's 'Cute Stuff' and 'I Want" board which had some style pins on it: 

Is there a pattern?
Neutrals with layers and a pop of color.

Are there types of outfits I'm seeing over and over?
Jeans, neutral sweater, white tee, flats and a colored accessory (shoes, scarf, or jewelry).

From here, Kristen would take a look at her own closet to see if she has similar elements. From looking at these boards it appears she leans towards:
  1. grey or white t-shits
  2. neutral color cardigans
  3. jeans
  4. shoes with a pop of color
  5. accessories in a coordinating color to the shoe (necklace, earrings or scarf)
Now that you have an idea about what your style boards look like start evaluating your own closets to find similar pieces or figure out what's missing!


Make Your Pinterest Style Board Come Alive

Hello lovely readers!

How often do you hop on Pinterest, pin a handful of style inspirations to your boards and never try them out for size?

This girl is guilty as charged.

So, I made the decision to make an outfit I pinned come alive using elements from my own closet. I have seen several outfits from Lilly's Style pop up on Pinterest, including this pin from yesterday:

image via Lilly's Style

When I saw the look I immediately starting thinking of items in my closet I could pull together to achieve this style...

Solid color sweater: check
Button down: check
Waist belt: check
Jeans: check
Boots: check

Obviously my outfit is not exactly the same but it has the same elements. The idea of fashion inspirations are to bring in what you already own to create something similar. 

Here we see Kate Middleton in classic pieces that most fashionistas probably have in their own closets. Look at the fashion inspiration and start asking yourself: do I have any similar pieces?

image via ES Fashion Style

Do I have a structured jacket? yes
Do I have a solid color sweater? not quite but I do have a striped one
Do I have have a white undershirt? yes
Jeans? yes
Boots? yes

Since my jacket is lighter than Kate's I could substitute the sweater for something darker like the purple one from the last outfit or a navy blouse. While I do not own her exact pieces I do have different sweaters and jackets I could swap out to achieve a similar look.

Next time you see a Pinterest outfit you like start going through your closet to see what elements you can incorporate to make it your own!

Check out part 2 coming later this week!

How will you make your Pinterest inspirations come alive?


Review: Goody Get Smooth Volume

Hello lovelies!

I am excited to share with all of you this fantastic round brush I found a couple months ago. I am totally in love with it! It is the Goody Get Smooth Volume Natural Shine Boar Bristles.

When I blow dry my hair I do so until it is 70% dry. I then use a round brush to style and smooth. I have not been completely happy with most round brushes because the brush somehow gets stuck or little hairs would get caught where the handle and brush meet. 

With this brush I have had NO problems whatsoever. Before I purchased it I was using a paddle brush in lieu of the round because of reasons stated above. The oval shape of this brush I feel like prevents those issues. The boar bristles do not get caught up in my fine hair. Instead they smooth my hair beautifully. This brush is like the offspring of a paddle brush and round brush combining the best of both worlds!  It is especially wonderful for long hair with layers. I am able to get a smooth, volumized look without a lot of hassle. 

If you couldn't tell I am totally head over heels for this brush so I rate it 5 out of 5 kisses.

I found this brush at Target a couple of months ago for about $8. I have not seen this particular style at any other store and I could not find it online either! Here is the closest brush. I was at Target a couple of weeks ago and checked to see if it is still available and it is. 

Have you found a hair brush you are absolutely in love with?


Review: Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow

Hi beauties!

I have been pretty MIA because I became very ill starting on Friday (my birthday WTH) until yesterday. I went to the doctor and they are unsure of what the problem is. Yay!

Anyway, I have been meaning to do a review of the Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow for quite a while. I should have done it sooner because Revlon has recently re-released the product with new packaging and with a new 16 hour claim!

I'm very pleased with these quads so if the 16 hour quads are similar formulation then I will be happy! If you happen to see the 12 hour out there on sale I encourage you to pick up a couple on the cheap before they disappear completely (hopefully they don't).

Gems and Jewels

Dusty Rose

Sterling Rose

These are now one of my favorite drugstore shadows. As you can see, I have three of these quads. They have all performed with great results. These have beautiful pigmentation and a soft texture. The color lasts all day with no creasing plus they are blendable. Blending is important to me because I do not find many drugstore shadows that actually blend well. The color combinations are well thought out. The packaging is nice and compact as well. I only used the shadows with a primer but I did notice they still lasted longer than other drugstore shadows that I have used with primers. All of the colors have shimmer but they are not frosted. 

I will admit the black in Sterling Rose is not as intense as I would like but that is the only color I was not too pleased with. My favorite quad is Gems and Jewels. Just last week I was wearing Dusty Rose and when someone asked the brand and I told them Revlon they were surprised!

I rate the Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow 4 out of 5 kisses.

Have you used the new Revlon ColorStay? Are they similar?


Birchbox Month 2

Hello everyone!

You may remember (or not!) that I received a year subscription to Birchbox from my fiancé! Here is my second box...

This is the outer box that it is shipped in. I really like this packaging!

The box is basic cardboard. It is about the size of a book. The inside had the products in a sheet of silver tissue paper. 

Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos, full size, Value $15

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint, .07 oz, Value $1.56

Orofludio Beauty Elixir, .17 oz, Value $1.49

beautyblender, full size, Value $12.97

Nail File, this was a free "worthless lifestyle extra"

TOTAL: $31.02


I received my second box on Monday, which was after many other bloggers did, and about four days later than last month. This didn't bother me but I was patiently awaiting!

Birchbox sent me an e-mail letting me know my box had shipped plus they included a tracking number. They did not do that the first time. I was very pleased that they let me know this time.

Other bloggers reported that they received a Stila eyeliner so I was a bit disappointed that I did not.

The beautyblender itself paid for this month's box so it well exceeded the $10 price.

I will never use the temporary lip tattoos. Sorry but who wants silver glitter lips?!

I'm looking forward to trying the other products!

I am not impressed by the sample sizes. Last month I laughed at the size of the Jouer lip gloss and again this month the Jouer product (and the Orofludio) are TINY. I mean the size of a dime tiny. From seeing other bloggers talk about Beauty Army I'm thinking they may turn out to be a serious competitor solely based on the sample sizes you get from them. 

What did you get in your Birchbox this month?