Make Your Pinterest Style Board Come Alive part 2

Hello lovelies!

In part 1 of Make Your Pinterest Style Board Come Alive I discussed looking at your inspiration and figuring out what pieces you have in your own closet to recreate the look. Now I want to discuss what pins you're actually pinning.

Here are some snapshots of my style board:

Take a look at your board too and start asking yourself:

Is there any pattern to what I'm pinning?
For me, I noticed I pinned a neutral palette of layered outfits.

Are there types of outfits I am seeing over and over?
Structured jackets, jeans, boots, sweaters and scarves.

Do I have these kinds of pieces in my own closet?
Not enough-I pinned several structured jackets and I do not own many myself. I also pinned some ruffled shirts and structured dresses that I do not have in my closet either. I do have some elements but if these are the styles I know I like then I need to fill my closet with those types of garments.

How can I make this style board part of my own closet?
Fill it with the pieces I'm missing.

You don't need to go out and buy copies but you can find items that have the same elements. For me I need purchase more:
  1. structured jackets
  2. structured dresses
  3. ruffled blouses
I took a look at Kristen of Glitter, Gloss, and Glaze's 'Cute Stuff' and 'I Want" board which had some style pins on it: 

Is there a pattern?
Neutrals with layers and a pop of color.

Are there types of outfits I'm seeing over and over?
Jeans, neutral sweater, white tee, flats and a colored accessory (shoes, scarf, or jewelry).

From here, Kristen would take a look at her own closet to see if she has similar elements. From looking at these boards it appears she leans towards:
  1. grey or white t-shits
  2. neutral color cardigans
  3. jeans
  4. shoes with a pop of color
  5. accessories in a coordinating color to the shoe (necklace, earrings or scarf)
Now that you have an idea about what your style boards look like start evaluating your own closets to find similar pieces or figure out what's missing!