Review: Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

Hello lovelies!

Today's review is of the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint.

Jouer, $38

I only had to try the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Golden one time to come to the conclusion that this is a total miss!

As you can see I received a sample in my Birchbox. I did not have any expectations going into trying it which I way I was surprised that I looked like a bronze statue.

This tint is extremely glittery and gold. My face sparkled like a diamond but was gold like a statue. 

When I saw the website description that said:

"This lightweight moisturizing tint evens out imperfections and fades the appearance of fine lines with its light-diffusing multi-mineral formula."
-Jouer website

I laughed a little. The only reason this evens out imperfections or hides fine lines is because there's so much glitter reflecting the light that you can't see anything else. 

While I have used many a bad product this is the first time I was actually angry after using one. I needed to go wash my face after applying because it was embarrassingly bad.

Was your experience with the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint as bad or was it better than mine?


Wet n Wild Wild Shine What Are You Pulling?

Hello friends!

I officially had something strange happen to me with a beauty product.

Remember back in November when I talked about the Wet n Wild Wild Shine nail polish in Red Red absolutely not being red? Well it happened. Here are some photos I posted of it in the past:

Every time I used this color it was always hot pink, until a couple of days ago.

I was expecting to have hot pink nails but after one coat I had Red Red nails. My brain is having a hard time understanding what happened. 

Have you ever had a beauty product change color on you or am I just going crazy?!


How to Make Your Own Tulle Veil

Where the wedding industry is making bank is through veils (and well, everything else). I don't know if brides are completely unaware that tulle is on average $1/yard or if they are intimidated about DIYing their own. Here's an example of the markup: this raw edge tulle veil is $150.

Since it was mass produced I'm sure it cost under $5 to construct. That's a HUGE markup. Knowing this, I had to DIY my own.

I made my cathedral length veil in under an hour for about $3. Hobby Lobby had tulle on sale for .77/yard (score!) I am here to say this was my easiest DIY project yet!

I have a wonderful book, The DIY Wedding: Celebrate Your Day Your Way, that has very easy veil making directions. You can buy patterns or there are plenty of tutorials online but this book had the least complicated directions.

The different veil lengths:
  • Blusher 18-24 in
  • Waist 30 in
  • Fingertip 38-40 in
  • Chapel 60-72
  • Cathedral 108 in or more
  • White or ivory tulle, yardage based upon the length of veil 
  • Books or weights
  • Measuring tape
  • Soft pencil or dressmaker's chalk
  • Shears or rotary cutter
  • Needle
  • Thread in white, ivory or clear
  • Hot glue (optional)
  • Comb
Start with a clean surface. Fold the tulle in half lengthwise (hotdog style). Place books or weights on each side of the tulle all the way down to the bottom. During this step make sure the raw edges meet up and the tulle is laying flat. 

Measure, to make sure you have your desired length, then draw a slightly rounded shape along the bottom. This shape should be most round at the fold and taper up towards the raw edges. Cut and unfold. This is best to do with a rotary cutter or very sharp shears. I highly suggest a rotary cutter, otherwise your edge will end up quite jagged. Do not use dull scissors.

Take the top of the tulle and sew with a running stitch (basically like an accordian). When you get to the end, cinch the tulle by pushing the end towards the beginning stitch. Tie off the thread securely. 

Now attach the veil to the comb. The easiest option is to hot glue it. I decided to sew mine on. I followed directions from Weddingbee seen here. Basically, you place the veil on the comb and pull the needle through the tulle and in between each tooth of the comb. Sometimes, the comb you purchased will have directions as well. For a two tier, repeat the above directions and add the second veil to the same comb.

You an also add lace or other embellishments to the edges. Check out this tutorial for adding lace.

What did you DIY to cut costs for your wedding?


Guest Blogger: Sarah of Coming Unstitched

Hello fellow beauties!

Today I have a very special guest blogger: Sarah of Coming Unstitched

Sarah has an amazing fashion blog that I have been following for the past couple of months. I love her energy and like me, she is engaged so I love reading her wedding updates. Sarah has a serious passion for fashion and I think all of you will love her blog as much as I do!

In the guest blog Sarah will be talking about finding your style. I feel like this post fits well with my Make Your Pinterest Style Board Come Alive series. Today is also her birthday so make sure you stop by and say hello!

Take it away Sarah!

Hey, hey Beauty by Arielle readers!  I'm so glad that Arielle has asked me to step in and guest blog for her today AND she let me pick the topic.  My first thought was "Well I should obviously talk about my awesome cat, Batman, {who is a girl, thankyouverymuch}" but then I realized that her awesomeness was really more appropriate for a 4-5 part series.  Sorry, Bats.  Next time.

So then I thought OK, I may as well talk about something fashion related, since I DO write a fashion blog, Coming Unstitched. And what is the most important part of fashion?  Finding your OWN style.  Yeah, we see inspiration every day from magazines, TV shows, and people on the street.  But what does it mean to truly have your own style?  It means finding what works for YOU- what works for your body, what works for your lifestyle.  Simply wearing what is trendy is not always going to work for you.  What your favorite blogger wears won't work for you, but I promise you, with a little work, you can find your perfect style.

So here are some simple steps to follow.

Step 1: Search the internet for other fashion bloggers {or models, or designers, etc.} and look at their styles.
What is it about their style that you like?  What don't you like?  This will help you begin to decide what TYPES of looks you enjoy, whether it's classic, edgy, or bohemian {or maybe all of the above}.

Step 2: Think about the colors that you gravitate towards.
When you're in a store and see a rack of neon yellow, do you run towards it?  Or run in the other direction?  {I'm the latter.  Neon clothes scare me.}  Do you prefer a more neutral palette {like I do} that you can accent with bold colors?  Or do you like bold colors as your main piece that you can tone down with accessories?

Step 3: Do you like prints?  Do you know what sizes work best with your frame? {Also use this time to decide if there are any particular style ERAS that you like.}
A pretty good rule of thumb {although you know in fashion they're constantly breaking the rules} is to use patterns that are in proportion with your size {i.e., if you're on the smaller side use smaller sized patterns and vice versa}.

Step 4: Now that you know WHAT you like, it's time to figure out what will WORK for you.
You need to be realistic about your body.  Be proud of it.  Embrace the shape.  I'm a petite girl 5'2, and people assume this means I can wear everything, NOT SO.  There are trends that look ridiculous on me and clothing that looks like it is trying to swallow me whole {I'm looking at you maxi dresses}.  There are many, many ways to work around your so-called problem areas {I've blogged a few tricks in the past, here and here.}

Step 5: Start experimenting.
Just because you see something in a store and think, "I could NEVER pull that off"... how do you know?  TRY IT ON.  You'll never know until you do. You might just be surprised at what WILL work for you.  But just keep in mind that confidence is THE best accessory.  So if you don't feel comfortable in an item, it will show.  

So basically the overall lesson?  The most important rule of fashion is being YOU.  And also that supermodels are freaks of nature.  

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my ramblings.  If you have any personal style questions I'd be glad to help you- just email me at comingunstitched@yahoo.com.  Also, today is my birthday, so you should swing by and say hi!  Consider it the cheapest birthday gift around!

xo, Sarah

Make sure you stop by Sarah's blog Coming Unstitched!


Birchbox: Month 3

Hello lovelies!

My March Birchbox just arrived today! Here are my goodies:

This month's box features teenVogue beauty picks

Peter Thomas Roth Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel, value $8.75

Essie Luxeffects, full size product, value $8

Tarte LipSurgence lip tint in Peaceful, full size product, value $24

Annick Goutal Petite Chérie perfume, value $2.88

twistband, value $1.50

Total box value: $45.13

This month's box was finally a win! The past 2 have been meh. This box I am very excited to try the Essie and Tarte products, especially since they were both full size! Side note...I had no idea the twistband was one of the samples (I thought it was packaging) until I read the card that describes your products.

An added bonus? A $10 off coupon to Modcloth!

What was in your Birchbox this month?


Review: Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

Today's review is of the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara!

$4.99, drugstores

I do not like to do reviews of mascaras because I feel like their success or failure is very dependent on the type of lashes you have. I have long, thin, sparse lashes and only certain types work well for me. For example, my best friend loves the Maybelline Falsies mascara, it looks fantastic on her thick lashes, but it did nothing for me.

I decided I am going to do reviews of mascaras anyway with the disclaimer that I have long, thin, sparse lashes and if your lashes are something different I can't guarantee this product will work or fail for you. But if you have lashes like mine perhaps the mascara will perform similarly to you.

On to the review...

This mascara is a dry formula with the intention to lengthen and thicken lashes. The brush is pretty basic but it is longer than any other brush I have purchased. It is about 1 1/2 the size of a normal brush and slightly wider. This makes it difficult to use on bottom lashes. 

Here are my lashes sans mascara:

Here are my lashes with the Grow Luscious on:

Again without:


On my lashes this mascara has performed beautifully. It takes 2-3 coats to get a thickened look with a lot of concentration on the outer edge. I feel like the packaging implies you will Grow Luscious lashes but I do not think this mascara has actually done anything to make mine grow. It does however, make them look more full. I have been very impressed by this mascara, except for the fact that it is difficult to use on the bottom lashes due to the size of the brush. I have been trying to bareMinerals Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara and the Grow Luscious is nearly identical at a fraction of the price. I am impressed by the way this mascara thickens up my lash line!

This is definitely a mascara I would buy again and have been impressed with it on my lashes. I would give it a 5 kiss rating but because of the false packaging implications and the difficulty of use on bottom lashes I am giving the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara 4 out of 5 kisses.


The Colors of the Rainbow TAG

Hello beauties!

I have a tag brought to you by Seven Things Beauty! This is the first tag I have participated in and I love the concept of this one!

This tag is created for you to name at least 1 beauty product for every color of the rainbow..... 
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Violet
This one is easy! Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Red Velvet:

(red velvet on right)

My go to lipstick is a coral from The Body Shop. I have a very old tube so the closest color now is Coral Splash:

image via The Body Shop

It's not quite yellow but I love gold eyeshadow, especially Half Baked in the Urban Decay Naked Palette:


I adore the green eye I created using the Coastal Scents Go Palettes:

I make my own navy eyeliner using blue shadow and an angled brush. It's the perfect compliment to brown eyes:

Wet n Wild, Wild Shine nail polish in Eggplant. While the color is a deep purple when it hits the light it gives off some indigo tones:

I cannot get enough purple shadows. I have always loved them! I especially like the purple in the Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Shadow palette in Dusty Rose:

TAG you're it!


How to Make a Silk Flower Bouquet

Flowers are generally the largest part of the wedding budget so making your bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquets and the boutonnieres are a way to slash the total cost. Then you could use fresh flowers for the centerpieces.

I only paid $35 for my bouquet! Anyone planning a wedding knows that is a significant savings.

Silk flowers get a notoriously bad rap but there are places where you can get high quality silk flowers. In my opinion, Hobby Lobby has some of the best silk flowers. When they have their 50% off sales you can get flowers for exceptional prices. The roses I purchased feel and look real. The best way to achieve a real looking bouquet is to stick to one or two realistic colors and 2-3 flower types. When you get too many colors or too many types of flowers is when it starts to border on fake.

The best way to go about making a bouquet is to start getting your inspiration together. Google image "x color(s) bouquet" and start saving the photos. Then, go to craft store to see what flowers are available. Be sure to take your inspiration photos! Choose some stems and assemble a mock bouquet so you can get an idea of the number of flowers you need. My bouquet took 6 roses and 4 hydrangeas. You will probably need around a dozen to two dozen stems.

There are lots of videos and tutorials to learn how to assemble. Here is a great video tutorial to understand how to make a bouquet with different types of flowers. This tutorial, from A Practical Wedding, is what I followed. This tutorial also applies to fresh flowers.

What you will need:

  • 12-24 stems of 2-3 types in 1-2 color 
  • green floral wire
  • green floral tape
  • 1 inch satin ribbon in the color of your choice
  • boutonniere pin
  • sharp scissors to cut the stems

When I made mine, I assembled the six roses in my left hand then placed the hydrangeas around the outside. You will have to wiggle and re-arrange until you get your desired look. You may find it easiest to wrap two flowers together with floral tape and arrange in pairs. To achieve the "dome" look, arrange the middle stems to set slightly higher than the outside stems. 

Once I got my desired look, I wrapped all of the stems tightly with floral wire. Then I wrapped with floral tape. It may help to have an extra set of hands to hold the arrangement while you wrap. I cut the stems to about 12" (you will want to cut to the length that is most comfortable for you by holding both of yours hands around the stems). Last, I wrapped with ivory ribbon until all of the tape and wire was covered. I folded over the raw edge of the ribbon and pinned with a pearl boutonniere pin. 

You may have seen that I had changed my wedding plans and eloped. I decided to change my colors to ivory and purple, so here's my updated bouquet. This is the professional photo, if you are curious what it ended up looking like in photos. The day of, everyone commented on how real the bouquet looked! I followed the same tutorial as above. The flowers are hydrangea and ranunculus.