How to Make Your Own Tulle Veil

Where the wedding industry is making bank is through veils (and well, everything else). I don't know if brides are completely unaware that tulle is on average $1/yard or if they are intimidated about DIYing their own. Here's an example of the markup: this raw edge tulle veil is $150.

Since it was mass produced I'm sure it cost under $5 to construct. That's a HUGE markup. Knowing this, I had to DIY my own.

I made my cathedral length veil in under an hour for about $3. Hobby Lobby had tulle on sale for .77/yard (score!) I am here to say this was my easiest DIY project yet!

I have a wonderful book, The DIY Wedding: Celebrate Your Day Your Way, that has very easy veil making directions. You can buy patterns or there are plenty of tutorials online but this book had the least complicated directions.

The different veil lengths:
  • Blusher 18-24 in
  • Waist 30 in
  • Fingertip 38-40 in
  • Chapel 60-72
  • Cathedral 108 in or more
  • White or ivory tulle, yardage based upon the length of veil 
  • Books or weights
  • Measuring tape
  • Soft pencil or dressmaker's chalk
  • Shears or rotary cutter
  • Needle
  • Thread in white, ivory or clear
  • Hot glue (optional)
  • Comb
Start with a clean surface. Fold the tulle in half lengthwise (hotdog style). Place books or weights on each side of the tulle all the way down to the bottom. During this step make sure the raw edges meet up and the tulle is laying flat. 

Measure, to make sure you have your desired length, then draw a slightly rounded shape along the bottom. This shape should be most round at the fold and taper up towards the raw edges. Cut and unfold. This is best to do with a rotary cutter or very sharp shears. I highly suggest a rotary cutter, otherwise your edge will end up quite jagged. Do not use dull scissors.

Take the top of the tulle and sew with a running stitch (basically like an accordian). When you get to the end, cinch the tulle by pushing the end towards the beginning stitch. Tie off the thread securely. 

Now attach the veil to the comb. The easiest option is to hot glue it. I decided to sew mine on. I followed directions from Weddingbee seen here. Basically, you place the veil on the comb and pull the needle through the tulle and in between each tooth of the comb. Sometimes, the comb you purchased will have directions as well. For a two tier, repeat the above directions and add the second veil to the same comb.

You an also add lace or other embellishments to the edges. Check out this tutorial for adding lace.

What did you DIY to cut costs for your wedding?