Review: Naturopathica Aloe Replenishment Gel

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Today's review is a product that was sent to me by Naturopathica. Don't know who Naturopathica is? No worries, I had no idea either until I received their Aloe Replenishment Gel.

"Our approach to healthy skin care begins by eliminating harmful synthetics or skin irritants such as parabens, glycols or sulfates, and then adding clinically proven ingredients like antioxidants and peptides that provide real benefits to the skin."
-Naturopathica website

Now on to the Aloe Replenishment Gel:

This gel is a treatment, like a mask, to be applied 1-2 times a week. The directions state to use a small amount and leave on for 10 minutes. According to the website and packaging, the ingredients will plump the skin and help retain moisture.

Pros about this product:
I have extremely sensitive skin. It scares me to try a new product all over my face because I usually have a poor reaction. Luckily, I had no reaction to this product.

When the product is on you are barely aware it is there. Some masks are heavy and tight but this one is a very light.

You do not have to use much product and it spreads easily. 

Cons about this product:
Unfortunately, I did not experience anything from the gel. In fact, every time I tried it I wondered if there was something I should experience or notice. 

From the description the gel should help retain moisture and plump skin but I did not see either of those claims happening. 

The website suggested putting the gel in the refrigerator for a cooling effect. I had a little bit of a burn from tanning so I thought it was the perfect time to try that method. I did not experience any cooling from doing this. 

Bottom line:
Because I did not experience any of the claims from this product I give the Naturopathica Aloe Replenishment Gel 2 of out 5 kisses. Improvements need to be made to this product.

Have you tried any of Naturopathica products?

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