DIY: How to Make Your Own Shaving Cream

I have a confession, I was seriously tired of purchasing shaving cream month to month. Honestly, I felt like I was wasting $2-$3 each time. One day, while spending hours on perusing Pinterest, I ran across DIY shaving cream. I was intrigued so I decided to give it a go myself. See the original blogger's post here.

The concept and ingredients were simple and most of the items I already had on hand. Although the original pin was easy enough, I simplified it here:

What you will need: A storage container, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and baby oil

To mix: Pour directly into your container equal parts of shampoo and conditioner. Add 3 pumps of lotion (5 if the container is large). Then, pour the baby oil and count to 3 (5 if it is a large container). Place the cap on the container and shake away. 

Tips: I found it was easiest to recycle an empty pump conditioner bottle (you probably have a near empty pump bottle somewhere) to house the shaving cream. For the shampoo and conditioner I suggest using the most inexpensive brands you have access to. I incorporated my daily body lotion and baby oil I had on hand. This made the DIY version much less expensive than the drugstore brand I usually purchase. Every few days I shake up my shaving cream to help ward off product settling.

Impressions: I have been using the DIY cream for around two months and am quite pleased. Not only is the option cheap, I have noticed less ingrown hairs and my legs feel hydrated after exiting the shower. I have never had this experience from traditional shaving creams. A bonus, I don't have to run to the store every time I run out of shaving cream! This is now my forever shaving option. 


Haul: NYX and Zoya

At the beginning of October (or maybe it was the end of September) Ulta had a deal on one of my favorite drugstore lines, NYX. Plus, I couldn't pass up the NYFW fall collection of my favorite nail polish, Zoya. Here's my late haul!
The Zoya polish is in Ray. It is an absolutely gorgeous emerald green!
I was needing a new eyebrow pencil so, I picked up the NYX in dark brown. Unfortunately, it ended up having too much of an orange undertone.
I was lusting over three colors in the Urban Decay Smoked Palette but I did not want to pay $49. Luckily, I stumbled upon a NYX trio including all three colors I was desiring. The pigmentation of this trio is fantastic. 
I am absolutely in love with NYX HD Foundation and NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder. With the changing of the seasons I needed a lighter shade, so I picked up Nude and Ivory.


A Year of Blogging Throwback: Julep Maven Subscription Review

In the past year, I have had over 150 posts. During the month of October I am doing throwbacks to give some love to old posts. This Julep Maven review was originally published on May 19, 2012. 

Before I left for my wedding, Glitz Glam Budget posted about her introductory box to Julep Maven. Julep Maven is monthly subscription that strictly sends polish and mani/pedi products. GGB was able to try a month subscription for a penny. She provided a code for anyone else to try it for the same price. I figured a couple of products for a penny was worth a shot so I signed up for myself! The normal monthly price is $19.99.

Before you sign up, the website will have you take a quiz to find your style. I was classic with a twist. I would say it described me perfectly! Your style quiz will determine the type of colors you will be sent.

After signing up I received a confirmation of shipment within a day or two. It arrived while I was on our honeymoon. I am unsure of he exact date but it was within a week and a half of ordering. 

I opened the box and it looked like this {it reminded me of Birchbox}:

The box included a hand scrub and two polishes:

Top color Anne
Bottom color Kelly

All of the products were full size with a total value of $60.

I tried the products right away and here was my experience:

The purple, Anne, was opaque within 2 coats. 

It took 3 coats for the pink, Kelly, to become opaque and it still had streaks.

This polish was runny and quite messy. 

It began chipping in less than 24 hours. All of my nails were chipped within 48 hours.

I really liked the colors I was sent.

The scrub smelled like citrus and left my hands feeling smooth.

The polishes each retail for $14. Based on my experience I would not purchase the polishes or recommend them. Zoya makes a much better polish for $8 and Wet n Wild makes a great formulation for $1.99.

I will be discontinuing my subscription because the polishes I received were poor quality. I do not think the subscription is worth $19. There are better monthly subscription boxes out there. However, it was worth trying for a penny!

Have you tried Julep Maven? What was your experience?


NOTD: Fun with Dots

After my zebra nail, I decided maybe I'm not completely nail art challenged. So, I tried my hand at dots!

I used Color Club in Insta-This as the base and Color Club in Blue Ming and Wet n Wild in French White Crème for the dots. The technique was from Janna, of Gloss and Glitz. In her guest post she showed how easy it is to make dots with a clipped Q-Tip. The smaller dots are with an earring tip.


Birchbox: Month 10

My Birchbox
From left to right:
theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer, value ~$2.82
Benta Berry G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream, value ~$4.39
Mox Botanicals Pomegranate & Fig Lip Butter, value ~$8
Harvey Prince Hello, value ~77¢
Lifestyle Extra Luna Protein Bar
Total box value ~$15.98
Prior to receiving this month's Birchbox I decided to watch the preview video. After watching, I thought hey this might be a turn around month! In the video they talked about two possible boxes and an e-mail with a question had been sent to determine the box.

Well, I did not receive that said e-mail. When I opened by box I received two items from the video's second box. This meant I received the transformations box. According to that video there was an Eyeko eyeliner that could be in the box. WHERE IS MY EYELINER?* That would have helped turn this box around. 

I tried the lip butter and it dries out my lips. The Benta Berry product has two of the same product in the little box. The scent of Hello is not my favorite. However, theBalm highlighter appears to have potential. 

If anything, it's more of the same with my Birchbox this month. Nothing exciting. After watching the video I was hoping I would receive either the Essie Polish, Chantecaille lipgloss or Eyeko eye liner. I feel like those were the must have products this month.

*Edited to Add: A wonderful reader let me know that there was a video posted about the Eyeko eyeliner not making it through customs. Guess I should have read up before posting! Thanks so much, Kristina!


A Year of Blogging: Some People to Thank

One year ago, when I decided to begin Beauty by Arielle, I never expected it would last a year-let alone have any readers. Well, here I am twelve months later and I could not be more appreciative.

There are some amazing women in this beauty blog community that have made this process that much better for me. A couple I would like to thank in particular:

Beauty Broadcast: Even though I'm sure she has no idea who I am, I began watching her YouTube videos a couple of years ago and have learned so much. I have always trusted her reviews. She is the reason I began blogging!

Beauty Obsessed: Thank you for hosting the Monday Beauties Blog Hop. When I first began blogging, that hop helped me to meet all of these amazing bloggers!

Glitter Gloss and Glaze: You were one of my first followers and blog friends. Thank you for hosting the Walkabout Wednesday Blog Hop with me! You are such a kind hearted women!

Drinkcitra: Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on nearly every post. You have no idea how much that touches me!

Coming Unstitched: Thank you for being so supportive. From the beginning, your blog has been an inspiration to me.

Your Beauty Fashion Fitness: I look to your blog to improve my photography. You have such talent! Thank you for being so kind!

I have some other bloggers to thank, too. These women have been kind, supportive and an inspiration to my blogging! You are all an asset to the blogging community.
Glitz Glam Budget
Gloss and Glitz
A Brunette Duet
Beauty By Krystal
Miranda's Makeup and More
Blushing Basics

A couple of months ago, I became a part of the Beauty Blogazons. I have to thank that group for teaching me the tips of the trade. This group has been extremely educational to me!

I also want to thank signed, xoxohannah for all the work she put into my blog redesign (to be installed in the next 24 hours). I know she went outside of her comfort zone and took a lot of time to give me something truly beautiful!

And of course, I want to thank all of my readers. Without you there would be no blog. The fact that anyone stops by and reads my writing is amazing to me. Thank you to all new and long time followers. I appreciate each and every one of you! To show that appreciation, I have had giveaways throughout the week. You can enter my thank you giveaway hereHere are all of the other giveaways!

Thank you, everyone, for all of your support!


A Year of Blogging Throwback: Make Your Pinterest Style Board Come Alive

In the past year, I have had over 150 posts. During the month of October I am doing throwbacks to give some love to old posts. These Pinterest Style Board posts were originally published on February 27 and February 29, 2012. 

Part 1
Hello lovely readers!

How often do you hop on Pinterest, pin a handful of style inspirations to your boards and never try them out for size?

This girl is guilty as charged.

So, I made the decision to make an outfit I pinned come alive using elements from my own closet. I have seen several outfits from Lilly's Style pop up on Pinterest, including this pin from yesterday:

image via Lilly's Style

When I saw the look I immediately starting thinking of items in my closet I could pull together to achieve this style...

Solid color sweater: check
Button down: check
Waist belt: check
Jeans: check
Boots: check

Obviously my outfit is not exactly the same but it has the same elements. The idea of fashion inspirations are to bring in what you already own to create something similar. 

Here we see Kate Middleton in classic pieces that most fashionistas probably have in their own closets. Look at the fashion inspiration and start asking yourself: do I have any similar pieces?

image via ES Fashion Style

Do I have a structured jacket? yes
Do I have a solid color sweater? not quite but I do have a striped one
Do I have have a white undershirt? yes
Jeans? yes
Boots? yes

Since my jacket is lighter than Kate's I could substitute the sweater for something darker like the purple one from the last outfit or a navy blouse. While I do not own her exact pieces I do have different sweaters and jackets I could swap out to achieve a similar look.

Next time you see a Pinterest outfit you like start going through your closet to see what elements you can incorporate to make it your own!

Part 2
In part 1 of Make Your Pinterest Style Board Come Alive I discussed looking at your inspiration and figuring out what pieces you have in your own closet to recreate the look. Now I want to discuss what pins you're actually pinning.

Here are some snapshots of my style board:

Take a look at your board too and start asking yourself:

Is there any pattern to what I'm pinning?
For me, I noticed I pinned a neutral palette of layered outfits.

Are there types of outfits I am seeing over and over?
Structured jackets, jeans, boots, sweaters and scarves.

Do I have these kinds of pieces in my own closet?
Not enough-I pinned several structured jackets and I do not own many myself. I also pinned some ruffled shirts and structured dresses that I do not have in my closet either. I do have some elements but if these are the styles I know I like then I need to fill my closet with those types of garments.

How can I make this style board part of my own closet?
Fill it with the pieces I'm missing.

You don't need to go out and buy copies but you can find items that have the same elements. For me I need purchase more:
  1. structured jackets
  2. structured dresses
  3. ruffled blouses
I took a look at Kristen of Glitter, Gloss, and Glaze's 'Cute Stuff' and 'I Want" board which had some style pins on it: 

Is there a pattern?
Neutrals with layers and a pop of color.

Are there types of outfits I'm seeing over and over?
Jeans, neutral sweater, white tee, flats and a colored accessory (shoes, scarf, or jewelry).

From here, Kristen would take a look at her own closet to see if she has similar elements. From looking at these boards it appears she leans towards:
  1. grey or white t-shits
  2. neutral color cardigans
  3. jeans
  4. shoes with a pop of color
  5. accessories in a coordinating color to the shoe (necklace, earrings or scarf)
Now that you have an idea about what your style boards look like start evaluating your own closets to find similar pieces or figure out what's missing!