Review: ELF Tone Correcting Powder

I purchased the E.L.F Tone Correcting Powder after I saw it on Mandy Jean Chic's 2012 favorites (stop by and say hi!). I have a lot of red in my skin, particularly on my nose. By the end of the day my nose looks like I'm suffering from a cold. I thought this might be a solution to my skin tone problems.

I picked up the cool palette, which includes a yellow, blue, green and pink. To apply, you swirl your brush in all of the colors and buff as normal.

I used this product in two different ways. First, I tried it as a setting powder over  BB creams and foundations. I thought it toned down the pink in my nose somewhat. However, this only lasted for a couple of hours.

Next, I tried the colors individually to combat redness. I had some blemishes, so I used the green to neutralize the red and then topped with concealer. This helped me a little bit. (If you are looking for something to help with blemishes I would suggest a cream based green concealer).

From my experience, the E.L.F. Tone Correcting Powder is not going to miraculously correct unbalanced skin tone. Particularly, if you experience Rosacea or severe acne. If you have faint corrections to make, this may work for you. As I mentioned before, this only brought down my redness slightly. I also noticed, it tends to washout my skintone. I am only able to apply one layer before I start looking ghostly. However, I love this as an inexpensive powder to throw into a bag for quick touchups. The design is compact, has a large mirror and it's only $3. As an everyday setting powder, this is not my go to.

You can find E.L.F. at Target or eyeslipsface.com

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