BBHQ May Task: My Makeup Storage and Collection

Each month, the Beauty Blogger Headquarters (BBHQ) hosts a blogger task. The task is meant to be a way for bloggers to share their experiences and help one another grow. This month is all about our makeup storage and collection!

A while back, I posted my makeup corner. When we moved, I overhauled how I store my collection. We now have a double vanity bathroom with lots of storage. With this expansion, I'm finally able to get ready in the bathroom! When I saw Mendi's, from Her Late Night Cravings, storage and collection, I knew I had to buy what she was using. Both of the units I mentioned are from Michael's scrapbooking section. I was able to buy both for 40% off. They have this promotion every couple of months. 

If you want to get a peek into my collection and storage, watch my video!

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