I Went to Mardi Gras

Since my birthday falls on Fat Tuesday this year, I wanted to cross Mardi Gras off of my bucket list. This past weekend I did!

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My First Stitch Fix and Review

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In the past year, I have seen about a bajillion Stitch Fix posts. Every time, I was extremely skeptical (and judgey) about it, solely due to the cost of the items. I remember once someone received a t-shirt that was about fifty bucks. Which, honestly was crazy to me.

Since I was being so crappy about it, I thought I really needed to try it for myself before I could truly make a decision. I was on Amanda's blog and loved what I saw from her box. I completed my style profile and order my first fix on a Wednesday. It arrived by the following week.

Stitch Fix

In case you're not familiar with Stitch Fix, let me explain. Stitch Fix is a styling service. You order a fix as often as you wish and a stylist picks 5 items to send you based on your style profile. You pay a $20 styling fee with each box. If you choose to purchase anything from the box, the $20 comes off the total. If you don't buy anything, you lose the $20. The shipping is included. You are billed for what you keep, after you choose. Whatever you don't want, you send back in a pre-paid shipping bag. If you purchase everything from your box, you get 25% off. 

When you sign up, you complete a style profile with your preferences and sizes. You can even select if you're ok with expensive or budget friendly items or exclude certain items (I requested they not send jewelry). They also recommend you send in your Pinterest style board, as it gives your stylist a better idea of what you wear. Each box is tailored to you and your style. After you receive a box, you can send your stylist notes about what you liked or didn't like so they can make better choices for you next time.

In my first box, I received a sweater, two tops, skinny jeans and a clutch.


Stitch Fix
RD Style Vivianna Open-Draped Knit Cardigan - $74

Stitch Fix
Market & Spruce Corinna Striped Dolman Top - $48


Stitch Fix
Urban Expressions Richie Asymmetrical Clutch - $40

Stitch Fix
Kensie Jeans Sophia Tall Length Skinny Jean - $88

Stitch Fix
Skies Are Blue Bruno Split Neck Blouse - $69

TOTAL: $319

I loved everything I received in my box. I returned items only due to fit. The jeans fit my butt amazingly (probably the best fit for skinny jeans I have had) but they were too long. I just don't use clutches, that's why I returned that. The Bruno Blouse didn't hang well once on. The items I kept I absolutely adore. I had been looking for a sweater with that draping for a while. I would never normally spend that much on a sweater but since I had a hard time finding one, I decided to keep it. I also love the fit and pattern of the top. They look great paired together, too.

I was really shocked at how well my stylist got me. I didn't expect to love all of it. When I go to the store I'm mostly meh about items, so to get 5 things that I would wear, was fantastic.

As for the price, I did request my items to be on the lower end of things so, I was surprised at how much my box cost in total. I would never spend that much on clothes. I never see myself buying a whole box. I felt pretty guilty about what I did keep as it was over $100. Having said that, I am a super duper budget shopper. I thrift nearly everything I own, so this was a total splurge. For those who don't shop like I do, the price really isn't going to be that big of a deal as it's on par with department store prices.

I will say, these items are much higher quality than I would normally invest in. So, it's not like it's cheap junk that you're dropping a load of cash on. To me, that did justify it slightly.

Since the price is up there, I decided to schedule my fixes every other month. I really like the idea of not having to shop, trying on items in my home and ending up with pieces that are uniquely styled to me. I'm also over my judgey stage with Stitch Fix. I still think they are overpriced but it's not a deal breaker as I loved my pieces. 

Overall, I think it's worth trying at least one box just to see if it works for you and your style. If you hate it, you're only out 20 bucks. If you like it, then you just added some great pieces to your closet.

Here are some examples of some other fixes from blogs I read: Rebecca Lately, Notes from a Newlywed, Pumps and Iron & One Little Momma

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that will send you items as often as you wish that are tailored to you. The cost is $20 a box + the cost of the items you keep. If you have the budget, the pieces will be great to add to your wardrobe. If you're more of a thrifter or clearance shopper, you probably won't like the prices of pieces. 

  • Received 5 high quality pieces that were perfect for my style
  • Like not having to shop and trying on at home
  • Only get charged for what you keep

  • The pieces are pricey

If you would like to give Stitch Fix a try, here is my referral link (I get a $25 credit if you schedule a box). Please don't feel obligated to use it but I really appreciate if you do!

xo, arielle

Affiliate links are in this post. If you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase I receive a credit towards my own Stitch Fix.

***Update 3/22/15***
I ordered another box because I had a credit. I ended up hating everything I received. It was like the box wasn't even for me. I was a little frustrated because they didn't listen to my comments from the previous box. My friend ordered a box, too, and had the same issue. It was very strange. I have yet to order again due to this.