This weekend was all about me and my inner guide.

I decided to take a road trip and simply listen to my spirit on where to go and it was fucking amazing.

All week, I had this yearning to visit the Spillway. It's this badass waterfall near where I went to college. It has been a place of peace, serenity and renewing for me for many years. When I arrived, it was breathtaking.

Since it was a little flooded, the waters were rushing and misty. The entire time I was there I felt surrounded by love and peace. I did some meditating and listened to what spirit had to say then I cleansed my hands in the water. I released some heavy junk there! I instantly felt refreshed and renewed. My soul needed that badly.


I then stopped by a local winery, had some lunch and sipped on my favorite wine. I meandered my way to Garden of the Gods, which I had been dying to see for many years.

It was absolutely magnificent. As I was mediating upon the rock formations, a hawk soared right above me and I could hear the whoosh of its wings. Such beauty and power.

Along the way, I saw a tiny rainbow. Rainbows are my sign that I'm on the right path (I saw 3 rainbows this trip).

In the morning, I headed to Turkey Run.

Something in me that morning told me I should go back to my hometown. So after Turkey run, I hit the road again and headed up there. I had not been since Thanksgiving. I'm so damn happy I went. I got some time in with my mom, the Mississippi river and reconnected with some people who are very near and dear to my heart.


The purpose of this trip was to reconnect with myself and release some old stuff. I sure did. I have been working on self love and cultivating relationships. This trip was precisely what I needed to do both. I feel content, connected and in love with life.

On my way home today, I did a little relationship ceremony and when I came out of the woods, I felt the warmth of the sun. I put my hands up to receive and looked towards the heavens. When I did, the sun was encapsulated by a rainbow. I know for sure I'm on the right path.

What have you done to feed your spirit lately?

xo, arielle