Tools for Personal Growth

Dear ones-

A few days ago I shared a quick life update and I mentioned that I have been doing a lot of self-work. Yesterday, I was guided to share these resources with you.

You Are a Badass
Spirit Junkie
The Celestine Prophecy
20 Something, 20 Everything
Eat, Pray, Love
The Soulmate Secret
The Relationship Handbook
A New Earth
A Course in Miracles

Calling in the One
Marianne Williamson Livestream Mondays
Self-Love Mastery
Self-Love Mastery free videos
Love or Above

Magic Lessons
Inspired Conversations

A Course in Miracles Daily Lessons
Notes from the Universe
Waking Up with Ryan

If you want some positivity from me, I have been sending out daily inspiration to my friends and family via text message. If you wish to be included, please e-mail me and we will coordinate.

Through these tools, I have learned the importance of self-love more than anything else. I have also been connecting with my spiritual side and listening to my own inner guidance. This has lead to such amazing experiences and enhanced my manifesting abilities. I have brought new amazing people and experiences into my life and am living more happily than ever. In fact, I manifested my current wonderful relationship, apartment and a pretty hefty raise!

I hope something in this list resonates with you and if it does-please, please let me know!

xo, arielle


A Quick Life Update

Hello sweet beautiful friends!

It has been quite awhile, I know. My last update I had went on a trip to Myrtle Beach with my friends. Since then, so so much has happened.

2015 has been a year of growth, change and opportunity for me. I started seriously working on myself and cleaning up my life. I took some personal growth classes in that time and have been loving my life.

Back in July, I had the opportunity to move to a city. This had been a goal of mine for as long as I could remember. I moved to Indianapolis July 2 and couldn't be happier. I'm very much enjoying city life.

At the end of July/early August, I went to Lollapalooza for the first time and got to see Paul McCartney! It was unreal. I met up with some long time friends and we all had a blast.


I took an aerial silks class, too. This was one of the reasons I really wanted to move to a city-to take new types of classes and do cool activities.

I also met someone! We have been experiencing a blissful time together the past couple of months.

I went to Myrtle Beach again, too, and had a lovely little end of summer vacation.

There has been so much more than this but I wanted to give a quick update to let you all know I'm not dead! There's a lot more I want to expand upon and that may come at a later time. For now, I'm just out there trying to live happily. If you're curious about my life, I'm still updating Instagram and Snapchat (arielle217) on the regular.