Mourning Moon

Tonight's full moon is the Mourning Moon. It's a time for releasing worries and forgiving the past. A few hours ago, I wrote down a list of things I wanted to move on from in my life, sat in front of the moon and cleansed the list in water. I meditated on releasing these past hurts and am feeling renewed and refreshed. I read about this little cleansing ceremony on Hello Giggles.

Rituals such as these can really renew your spirit. As woo woo as they sound (I mean a year ago I wouldn't have considered doing this!) I have found these to be an amazing way to connect to my spirit. I'm also charging my chakra rocks under the moon as I type this post.

Earlier this evening, I took a wonderful little hike at the park near my apartment. My little puff dog was with me and we did some exploring. I love going outside this time of year and filling my lungs with brisk air. It's extremely refreshing. I couldn't help but admire the beauty of nature and thank spirit for the gifts in my life.

I happened upon some deer, too. I think we startled each other. They crossed the nearby creek and it was so beautiful to watch them.

I also took the badass shot above at this park. Couldn't ask for a better reflection in that water. 

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Peace, love and blessings


Your Invite to be with Soul Sisters

Good morning, friends! I'm dropping in to invite you to join my Facebook group Sentiments for the Soul. This is a closed group of women sharing positivity and support. I hope you will join us! Request to join here.