Protein Cinnamon Roll Recipe

If you have a sweet tooth but don't want to be in a calorie overload there are tons of ways to make desserts more friendly to your diet. I love doing protein mug cakes and the one I'm showing you today is cinnamon roll!

Protein Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake
Macros: 3F/12C/27P 172 calories

1 scoop of vanilla or cinnamon protein powder
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 packet of Splenda
1/4 cup of milk
1/2  tsp vanilla flavor
1 tbsp Splenda brown sugar blend
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp Walden Farms Pancake Syrup

Mix the protein powder, baking powder and Splenda packet in a bowl or mug. Add milk and vanilla. Whisk vigorously with a fork until all chunks are gone. In a separate bowl, mix brown sugar, cinnamon and syrup. Pour into your cake batter in a swirl. Depending on your microwave, nuke for up to 1 minute (I find 45 seconds is about perfect). If you want to make a frosting, mix protein powder and milk in the same way you would make royal icing (about 1 tsp powder to 1/2 tsp milk) and spread on top.

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xo, arielle


The Best Free Guided Meditations

I have been practicing meditation for a few years now but it wasn't as useful to me until after my divorce when my mind was in shambles. I was really struggling with my thoughts and meditation was a way to ground myself, connect and heal. These are some of the meditations I used and continue to use to help keep my life in flow and relaxed. I consider them the best free guided meditations out there. 

You can begin and end your day with these morning and evening meditations from Gabby Bernstein. I like to use these when life is feeling chaotic and I need some balance.

Want to fill yourself with peaceful energy? Try the light sourcing meditation from Rebecca Campbell. I just discovered this one and I felt super relaxed after.

If you feel like you are being pulled in many different directions, this cord cutting meditation by Rikka Zimmerman could do the trick! I use this one whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed by the people in my life.

Having trouble forgiving someone? This meditation from Gabrielle Bernstein is sure to help. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to turn to this one over the years.

If you are wanting to attract your perfect mate, I love the Medi-Dating album. This one really helped me when I was working on attracting my partner.

If you're brand spanking new to meditation, try my intro to meditation class. It's a very basic and easy way to get yourself started.

Looking for more? Tara Brach has quite the library. Here are a bunch more from Gabby B that I regularly use, too. These ones from my fav mindfulness book are awesome.

Do you have any guided meditations that you love?

xo, arielle


Walk Through the Falls

Fear loves to poke it's sneaky head out and ruin the fun. There have been so many times in my life where a moment of fear kept me from doing something I really wanted to. 

There have also been times where I have told fear, no not today, and did the thing anyway.

I visited Cataract Falls last weekend with my family and I knew I really wanted to walk under the falls and go behind it. A moment of fear tried to stop me. I had to force myself to walk through. 

The cool, gushing waters hit the top of my head as I pushed myself through the current. I discovered an alcove and watched the waterfall from the other side. 

In the end, we all must walk through the falls. Maybe your fall isn't literally a waterfall but what is fear keeping you from? Is it that new job, a wonderful relationship, living your dreams?

I hope you will walk through with me. 


Flying Lesson

In 2014, I embarked on a journey to face my fears. I decided that if there was something on my bucket list or an activity that downright scared me I had to do it. 

Since then, I have learned how saying yes and facing fears profoundly changes lives. 

My newest activity was to finally take the flying lessons I had been dying to do. 

Before I arrived, I was expecting to be the co-pilot and do a few controls. I was surprised when the instructor said, "there's the pilot seat, that's where you will be sitting." Then he went on to explain that I would be doing everything while he would be "watching (me) like a hawk." I explained I was afraid of the taking off and landing. He said I would just have to do it. So, I did.  

When it comes to life you just have to go for it. Getting caught up in your head and giving into the fears keeps you stuck. While I was fearful, nothing was remotely close to what fear was telling me. In fact, it was a really cool, unique experience and something I would totally do again. 

I have been really proud of myself for looking fear in the face and doing things I think I can't. It has been magical for me and keeps me trying all kinds of new activities. It has also helped me work on other fears...like the pesky what will people think of me? garbage. 

Go after those fears and do something extraordinary. 😘


Healthy Grocery Shopping at Aldi

As many of you know, I have been following If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) as my "diet" plan. If you're working to have a healthy lifestyle, I often hear people complain the food is more expensive. I have never really found this to be the case and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I shop at Aldi. In this video I talk a little bit about Aldi and show you some macro friendly items I found all for $75.

xo, arielle


How Social Media is Triggering You

Do you ever get off of Facebook and notice that you don't feel good? Your social media might be triggering you negatively! In my latest coaching video, I identify how social media affects us and how to clean it up.

xo, arielle


Why You Should Spend Time Alone

Do you ever do things by yourself? Are you too afraid to? I have noticed a lot of people think it is the worst thing in the world to do things by yourself but in reality its very good for you! In my coaching video, today, I talk about why and take you along on my kayak trip.

xo, arielle


Supplements I Use with Reviews

In the last year, I have been incorporating supplements into my workouts to help with muscle gain. In this video, I talk about what I take, why and which ones I recommend for noobs. 

xo, arielle


IIFYM Full Day of Eating #2

I have been following If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) or flexible dieting for a few months now and am seeing some great results. If you want to get an idea of what I eat, here is a little peek:

xo, arielle


How to Accomplish Your Goals

Last week, I shared about how we all talk ourselves out of doing things. I wanted to follow up on that video with some tips to help you crush your goals and get yourself doing the things you want to do. Check out my latest video to learn my tips :)

xo, arielle


How You Talk Yourself Out of Doing Things (Without Even Realizing It!)

Have you ever had great intentions at the beginning of the day to accomplish a task but you find yourself at home instead? In this video I talk about how we are constantly talking ourselves out of doing things, without even realizing it!

xo, arielle


Two Weeks Worth of Meal Prep

In order to maintain a clean diet, I have to meal prep. I'm the type that if I don't have a meal planned out, I'm going to definitely get something on the go. By the time I get off work and done with my exercise, I so do not want to cook. Meal prep has been my savior! 

I combined two weeks worth of meal prep into this video to give you a chance to see what I'm making. I keep it super simple. Watch to find out how I do easy meal prep.

xo, arielle


IIFYM: Full Day of Eating + Day in the Life

Good morning friends!

I follow what's called If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) as my diet plan. Some people call this flexible dieting. IIFYM involves eating enough grams of carbohydrates, protein and fats per day for your specific goals. This has been the easiest way for me to reach my fitness/diet goals. I don't feel restricted at all and eat much healthier. 

I use MyFitnessPal to document (if you want to follow me I'm tdeaux or add by e-mail arielle.tdeaux@gmail.com).

To calculate your macros, this is the website I use.

Watch a little bit about me day and what I eat :)

xo, arielle


Arnold Classic Haul

Something you may not know about me is I am fitness lover. I have been working out consistently for 7 years now and lifting seriously for the last year. I was really excited to make it to the Arnold Classic on Saturday. I was able to meet some fitness YouTubers that I love and bought some fantastic products. Check out my haul!

xo, arielle


Birthday Trip to Arizona Vlog

You may have seen on my Instagram or Snapchat my recent travels to Arizona. Well, I vlogged about it! Follow us around Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

xo, arielle


Free Class: Intro to Meditation

Hello dear friends!

I'm sure you have heard by now that meditation is awesome for you. Mindfulness meditation has become all the rage these days. Unfortunately, its something that's not super easy to do. I think a lot of us quit because we can't "shut off" our mind and feel like something is wrong with us.

I meditate on a daily basis and it has been my key to calm and letting go. When I first started, though, I was so frustrated. I always thought I was doing it wrong. I soon learned you have to do what works for YOU. Just because an article or guru says do it this way, doesn't mean you have to!

I created a free 7-day Intro to Meditation Course that has a new easy technique each day to get you started with meditation. This quick and easy tools are a great way to get you into gear.

I hope this class resonates with you and helps you on your path! Join the class here.

xo, arielle