Peak Week Beauty

In this video I discuss the budget beauty regimen I took for my first NPC Bikini competition. I also share my body fat results. To find the specific products I used, check out this post

Also, I am blogging more regularly over at The Fit Therapist. This is where I'm offering health and wellness coaching, teaching people about nutrition and sharing my fitness journey. I hope you enjoy it!

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How to do Stage Makeup

I have been prepping for my first NPC Bikini show since March. In my latest video, I share how to do stage makeup! I wanted to remain budget friendly and do this myself instead of dropping $150+. If you want to know the products I used, find them here

Also, I am blogging more regularly over at The Fit Therapist. This is where I'm offering health and wellness coaching, teaching people about nutrition and sharing my fitness journey. I hope you enjoy it!

xo, arielle


How Has My Beauty Routine Changed? | Products I Currently Use


If you followed my blog between 2011-14, you know I had gobs of product. I don't even know how many products I used in a single day but I do know this much, today, I am using a fraction of that.

I don't really feel the need to wear much makeup anymore. Even though back at the height of my blog I wanted to say I wore it because I loved it, in all honesty, I only felt pretty with makeup. When I realized that, I started to slowly cut out what I was using and got comfortable in my own skin. I still love beauty products and enjoy testing them out but what I use is scaled back.


I went blonde in the fall and now I'm back to brunette, so I need a good color safe shampoo. I was using drugstore options but they just were not cleaning the grease out. I decided to go for Redken, a recommendation from a friend. I chose the Redken Color Extend Magnetics and while it cleans my hair, it really isn't anything special to me. I will probably pick something else when this runs out. I also deep condition weekly-bi weekly. Right now I'm using Hask Argan Oil (I still love the Hask Henna 'n Placenta I reviewed here) but I really just pick up whatever packet I can find at Sally or the drugstore. I grab whatever hairspray we have on hand but it's usually Aussie. I also still use the Psssst! dry shampoo (HG products) that I raved about forever ago. 


If there is an area where I made some serious changes, it was in my skincare. I was using wash, toner, lotion, eye cream, acne treatment...you name it. Now I just use an apricot scrub and Ponds lotion. I still use my Clarisonic a few times a week. For blemishes, I just pop on whatever 10% Benzoyl Peroxide product I have on hand. I talked about a long time ago my choice to go off of the pill. Unfortunately, it was a disaster for my skin. I broke out EVERYWHERE, worse than ever. I went back on and now I remain very clear skinned. A few times a month, I'll use whatever mask packet that sounds good from the drugstore or I'll make one from oatmeal. 

I love to stay bronzed throughout the year, so I use the Banana Boat Summer Color (HG product). I have been using it for 6+ years and it is the best out of any I have tested (from high end to drugstore). I prefer the deep dark over the medium tone. In between applications, I use a glow lotion to maintain the color. The Earth Therapeutics Foot Balm (HG product) has been my go to for a number of years to keep my feet in check. 


I have also scaled back quite a bit on makeup. I no longer find primers necessary and I haven't worn eyeshadow in months. It takes me about 5 minutes to do my makeup (where before it was at least 45).  My main products are bareMinerals. I have always loved their line and they have stayed in my stash this whole time. I prefer the natural, no makeup look their line gives me. I use the matte foundation, Mineral Veil, bronzer and a basic toned blush. I was sent some IT Cosmetics products over the last few months and been using their Brow Power & Your Skin But Better CC compact. The compact works just like the pump version I loved a couple of years ago. For eyes, I always keep liquid and retractable liners around. I'm using Wet 'n Wild MegaLast and Milani Liquid (HG product). Both serve my needs perfectly. I recently bought the CoverGirl Super Sizer mascara and like it a lot for volume. However, my fav is still the Charlotte Tilbury

Any surprises on my cutbacks? What are you all loving right now?

xo, arielle

Disclosure: The IT Cosmetics Products were PR samples sent to me for review consideration. No affiliate links present.