New Blog!

To all of my followers, I sincerely appreciate your support over the years. This little blog grew to places I never expected and if it were not for lovely people like you reading my content, I never would have had the opportunities I did. 

I think it has been pretty obvious here and on my social media that my priorities and interests have shifted. While I still enjoy beauty products, I'm not a connoisseur anymore. 

Over the last 6 years of my life the thing that has been pretty consistent is my health and wellness lifestyle. That is why I have chosen to launch The Fit Therapist to continue to document this part of my life. I also dove into launching my own coaching business that combines by clinical counseling skills and wellness knowledge to help people lose weight. If you liked the wellness posts I had on here, please come check out the new blog!

I very sincerely appreciate all of your support in my new ventures! When I stumble upon a really awesome product or tip, I'll still be sure to share it over here.