About Me

Hi friends! Beauty by Arielle began in 2011 as a beauty blog. I gained some success when I was a finalist in Allure Magazine's Beauty Blogger of the Year. It was a super exciting time in my life and for this blog! 

In 2015, I slowed down due to some changes in my life. I have since expanded my blog focus and now post about fitness, lifestyle and personal growth, too!

My mission is all about listening to yourself when it comes to your personal beauty. Beauty is not just about makeup. Whether you achieve your personal best through fitness, makeup, sustainable living, spirituality or anything...I support that path!

In my early 20's, I found myself stuck. I wasn't living the life I wanted. I was waking up panicking, I started retreating inward, sticking mainly to myself and was full of fear. I was really beating myself up over it because I was a practicing therapist who wasn't walking her talk.

I really noticed the issue because of a slide. The slide to change all slides. I went on a day trip to the lake where we rented a pontoon with a slide. I loved that slide. I was all about that slide. That was, until I made it to the top. Then, I froze. I had never froze like this before-ever. It felt foreign, strange. I knew something was off but really wasn’t sure what. Later that year, I went skiing, with the same group. I had skied quite a bit in my childhood. Again, I froze. I could not even go down the bunny hill. Again, I didn’t understand what was up but I knew this was something.

I later came across the book My Year with Eleanor. The author had challenged herself to do something that scared her every single day. I was instantly inspired and knew I wanted to experience my own "year of fear." I wanted to start living and cross items off of my bucket list.

I finally took the ice skating lessons I had dreamed about since I was 4. Literally, took the plunge and went sky diving. I was saying yes to making friends, to traveling, to learning about me and to growing.

In this process, I learned I was completely disconnected from myself. I was living in authentically to who I was as a person.
By saying yes, I learned how to reclaim my power and be me.
During my "yes" I went through a divorce. During the height of my pain, I turned to running and lifting. I had been exercising for years but not seriously. Fitness was one of the pieces that truly saved me from the deep dark despair of a divorce.

I also reconnected to my spiritual side and learned the importance of my own inner wisdom. I learned how to let my light shine and to live as me. I have seen the importance of spirituality, meditation and trusting in God and how my faith miraculously changed my life for the better. 

I now see and have experienced the importance of transforming your mind, body and spirit. Which is why I share this with all of you!

If you would like to chat, email me at beautybyarielle@gmail.com. I now blog regularly about my fitness journey over at, The Fit Therapist. I can be found on social media @Merry_Arielle.